Grow together to Create

Complex Social System and

Become The Lead

Eandure to Dominated Digital Marketing Universe

Solid teamwork in creating strategies and keep continuing innovate to achieve our goals while be brave facing the Digital Marketing in the Metaverse era. We are always ready to compete and respect fellow fighters in providing the best solutions for the common society.

About Us

Wolf Technosite is a digital marketing start up company. Our company was founded in 2018 and located in Bandung, West Java. Our business was created by the philosophy of wolves. Wolves are tough animal groups with complex social systems and have amazing hunting abilities. The wolf as top of the food chain has gone through a long evolution and could have been a great survivor in the wild until recently. Hope that Wolf Technosite can become a lead in the digital marketing field also overcome various obstacles include face competitors and unlimited technological advances.


Our company committed to keep surviving in various obstacles for achieve goals with a social and solitary balance. We’re keep innovated to eandure and become a Lead for dominate of digital marketing also dedicated to satisfaction of the common society in accepting every our alternative solutions product provided.


Invent new ideas and keep continuing to innovate and increase our brand of product solution, establish digital marketing strategy by balancing technological advances so that our products solution are distributed optimally and become alternative to assist common society. Develop the company and grow with competent and competitive millenial resources.

Corporate Core Value

Social & Solitary

A balance between social and solitary which upholds the principle of hierarchy as well as being independent in solving problems. We will develop the company with loyal millennial resources.


Become a good leader for human resources inthe company with intelligence and authority so as can bring the company to be in advanced.


Never surrender and believe that our company make sureovercome the problems that occured by external or internal factor with intelligent and adaptive skill. Like a wolf that trying hard to get its prey.


Balancing courage and offensiveness with wisdom to make the right decisions when faced with some problem.


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Bandung, West Java, Indonesia
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